Remia-plast Ltd. opened a new manufacturing plant for laminating polyester in Jasenovac.
It is the most modern hall for fiber-glass vessels production, which is equipped with underfloor central heating with pellets, the 30 kW solar power plant, which will allow the saving and the production of electricity sufficient for the needs of production, two bridge cranes with carrying capacity of 5 tons each, ventilation specially adapted for production conditions, locksmith workshop for manufacturing of inox helms and handrails. Besides the conventional technology of laminating, it will also be possible to laminate using vacuum infusion, and there will also be a possibility of plastic recycling which will significantly contribute to the reduction of waste production.
Introduction of the quality control system ISO 9001 and of the waste management system ISO 14001, entails taking appropriate measures for preventing environmental pollution, for the use of appropriate production technology and of renewable energy sources. At the new location, a new workforce from the area of Jasenovac will laminate ship hulls and at the old location in Kerestinec ships will be equipped and completed. Molds for the new boat Nautika 690K which had its première at the Zagreb Boat Show in February 2016, are also part of the project which was co-financed by the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.
As a result of the project, and in addition to the mentioned increase in the number of employees and the introduced ISO standards, increased number of produced boats is also expected, as well as the increase in exports as the outcome of increased production capacity.


Every year Remia-plast invest considerable amounts in the development and purchasing of new and modern equipment. In 2013, among other investments, we acquired the vacuum moulding technology with the help of HAMAG INVEST investment incentives, for boats Nautika 500, Nautika 650, Nautika 650K and Nautika RP16.
Our staff is currently being educated on the application of the acquired technology. In addition to this, our carpentry workshop has now been equipped with a new 3-axis CNC wood moulder. HAMAG-INVEST has also financially supported our marketing activities (Biograd Boat Show and Austrian Boat Show – BOOT TULLN, catalogue making).

On 1st October 2014 Remia-plast d.o.o became the user of „Operational Programme of Regional Competitiveness“. The project of building a brand-new laminating hall in Jasenovac is co-financed by the European Union, more precisely by the European Fund for Regional Competitiveness.
The project goal is to build the newest laminating hall on the area of special state care, develop new vessel models, apply new working technology, educate employees and increase marketing activity.
All of the above will contribute to the increment of production capacity, of number of employees and also widening of market for our products. The total value of the project is KN 8.740.874,05, and the European Union share is KN 4.389.460,77.
The project is planned to end in March 2016 when the laminating part of the production will be transfered to Jasenovac and the existing hall in Kerestinec will become a facility for equipment installation and some sort of showroom.
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